The Dreadlock details

Specialising in European, Aboriginal and Asian hair.
Full head of dreadlocks using your own hair will usually take around 8 hours or done over 1-2 days if your not able to sit for too long = $550

A regular maintenance is recommended as its better for your dreads, as they will look better,and you will feel better, hourly rate of $65. Additional Charge for Mobile and Weekends.

Extentions - If you want instant synthetic dreads this will take around 1-2 days = $750 or just pop into the Salon and i can give you a free dready consultation.

Friday, 13 February 2009

I have created this page because i have been on a journey with my hair, in fact i am still on it, its just getting easier now that we're friends!!! I started my own locks after years of synthetic extentions and wild and wakey hair do's which looked great, but always had to come out, And after years of deliberation i went into Lawsons, brought some heavy duty beeswax, melted it in a pan and began my new hair journey, 6 months later i'm a happy dreddy girly.

Thanks Bob!!