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Specialising in European, Aboriginal and Asian hair.
Full head of dreadlocks using your own hair will usually take around 8 hours or done over 1-2 days if your not able to sit for too long = $550

A regular maintenance is recommended as its better for your dreads, as they will look better,and you will feel better, hourly rate of $65. Additional Charge for Mobile and Weekends.

Extentions - If you want instant synthetic dreads this will take around 1-2 days = $750 or just pop into the Salon and i can give you a free dready consultation.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Just a Few Common Misconceptions about Dreadlocks

There are quite a few common misconceptions about dreadlocks:

1) Dreadlocks cannot be washed.... the hair needs to be dirty to dread up.
False! Dreadlocks knot up quicker and more tightly with washing.

2) Dreadlocks are "removed" at night, and you need to redo them each day...
False! Many times people have asked "Do you have to make those everyday?"
Lol... No, thank goodness! Dreadlocks are a process which takes lots of time and patience to
achieve. They are created by the tangling and knotting of the hair.... they are not a hairstyle
you can put in and take out each day.

3) You cannot remove them without shaving your head.
False! With patience, a little hard work, and conditioner, it is entirely possible to brush
dreadlocks out.

4) Dreadlocks are nesting grounds for lice and other creatures
False! Dreadlocks are no more prone to attracting lice then any other
type of hair. As long as the dreadlocks are kept clean, then they are just
as hygenic as any other hairstyle. If lice are contracting by a person
with dreadlocks, it might take a little different method of eliminating
the lice, but it is not an impossible task.

5) Dreadlocks are smelly and prone to mildew....Eww!
False! Dreadlocks that are kept clean and allowed to dry properly are not any more smelly
then undreaded hair. Many people with dreadlocks choose to use a few drops of essential oil
in a spray bottle of salt water to help give their locks a floral fragrance, a scent of patchouli,
and so on.